Trademark discovery leads to rename to Lean Development Excellence blog

I recently was alerted to the fact that two words lean and design when put together is protected.  “Lean Design ®” is copyrighted and patented by Munro & Associates, of Michigan.


Of course, many brands have a trademark.  Everything from famous colas to a very famous mouse from a certain theme park.  Trademarks are a part of business today.   And, they can remain in effect basically indefinitely, as long as the company that owns the trademark continues to keep it registered.  Newly registered trademarks are valid for 10 years.  Trademarks can be renewed for additional 10-year terms, and there is no limit to the number of times a trademark can be renewed, as long as use of the mark by its owner continues.

In order to comply with their trademark, the name of this blog has changed to Lean Development Excellence.

You will find that many of these entries on this blog have been change to remove the words and replace them with other words or phrases.  So  you will find phrases like:

Lean product design

Lean healthcare design

Lean process design

Design for lean development

Design for lean manufacturing

Lean development


All of these have been used where appropriate to avoid the trademark issues, but also to better describe the intent of the entries.

Finally, the Wikipedia article has now been changed to Design for lean manufacturing, which more accurately reflects the nature of the article.

I hope the readers of the blog find the changes helpful and ultimately more helpful for describing the topics shared on this blog.


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