Lean development for products and processes is an emerging field of study.  It is both a process and a standard for approaching the design of solutions at a systems level, and it seeks to improve the process of design.     It involves techniques to change the culture of the organization and it approaches the design process in a more holistic way that is ultimately much more efficient.  Design for lean manufacturing  has been called the third pillar of the Toyota Lean House.

Timothy Schipper is the founder and president of Lean Inspiration, which provides coaching, consulting, writing, and resources to organizations.

Timothy has led lean transformations in the areas of manufacturing, office processes, IT development, global product development, new business initiatives, government agencies, and non-profits.  Tim is an expert facilitator of groups, and he has worked with hundreds of teams to streamline their office processes with lean concepts.  He led the lean development transformation for a major North American corporation which was deployed throughout their world-wide product development organization.  He has worked with IT organizations to apply lean concepts to their processes.  Tim is available for speaking and consulting engagements to help your organization become lean and healthy.

His areas of expertise are lean in the office, lean management systems, and lean in IT and product development.

He a lean teacher,  coach, and author on these methods.  His book, Innovative Lean Development (CRC Press ~ Productivity Press 2010), teaches how to apply lean concepts to development work.


Innovative Lean Development is available from the publisher and other on-line book sellers. It is offered in hard copy or on Kindle via Amazon.com


Timothy Schipper partners with the Huthwaite Institute, David Mann Consulting,  and other lean experts around the world.  He is a current board member of the LEAN Product and Process Development Exchange (LPPDE).


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