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Learning Cycle on Successful Blogging

I just read Tim Westergren’s blog, and Pandora has reached over 50 million registered viewers.  This is an unbelievable number of worldwide users. My son and wife recently introduced me to this wonderful tool, and I have a favorite channel.  As a fan (and sometime player) of the classical guitar, my channel is one for my favorite artist …  Christopher Parkening, one of the best classical guitarists in the world.   I can get this on my iPhone through the Pandora App.   How is cool is that.

Reading the Pandora blog answers a couple of other questions in this learning cycle.

A successful blog provides more than the unusual, weird, or human interest stories, a successful blog provides something of value to the reader.  In the case of the Pandora blog, not only can you get news about the company, but you also can read about a really cool project – namely the cataloging of 20 million songs in their music genome project.

A successful blog also is updated regularly.  In lean we call that a pitch.   The Pandora blog is updated at least weekly.

A blog also might offer advertising.  However, the key here is to advertise tastefully, and to not go crazy with a lot of real estate offer to advertising.  In the case of the Pandora site, the reserve one spot on their blog to donate to their charity.

We are getting to the end of learning cycle 1.  Stay tuned as we continue on our journey.